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Disproportional Nose?

A disproportional nose may hide an overall beautiful face. Care is taken to examine and correct all dimensions of the nose, so that the final result is natural and in complete harmony with the rest of the face. A virtual simulation of changes and correction and also a digital demonstration of the goal results is done during consultation. Any Breathing


Tired Look?

Upper eyelid laxity and excess skin, Lower eye-bags and puffiness can be permanently corrected! Don't let your eyes give you a tired or sad look, even when you are not! A simple procedure with minimum downtime and discrete, natural results may give your face a powerful, positive change!


Feeling Younger?

Aging is a multidimensional process, happening in all layers of the skin. Advanced Facelift is restoring all structures of the face, deep and superficial, turning back time in a completely natural way. Are you ready to look as young as you feel? Facelift is still the most natural, effective and long lasting way to reverse ageing!


Defined Contour

The neck has always been a symbol of beauty and elegance. Sharp contour and well defined neck can be fully restored and look even better than ever! It can be a part of a full facelift or just by its own.

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"Stronger" Shape

The chin defines the boarder and the frame of a beautiful face. It separates the face from the neck. Symbolizes strength and dynamism. We bring the chin in absolute balance with all other aspects of your face to create harmony and beauty. The permanent, easy way to do it is with chin implants.


Funny and Cute?

Big or protruding ears can be beautiful and cute. But what happens when they become the center of attention, related with traumatic youth experiences? Ear surgery can treat the appearance and the psychology of the patients, restoring looks and confidence!


Show your Smile

Lips symbolize heart and passion! Your smile expresses an open soul! When the upper lip lays low, is very thin and weak, or hides your upper teeth when you smile, you may not be fully expressing yourself. Lip lift corrects the shape and position of the upper lip, without adding volume and weight, to make it look better than ever!

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