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Advanced Tummy Tuck

Restoring the abdominal area in total. Tummy Tuck has the ability to treat all layers of the abdomen. The skin is stretched, excess fat is removed, the abdominal muscles are tightened, in order to create a strong, straight and thin abdomen.

We use the most advanced, proven techniques to offer the best results possible, while minimising complications and speeding up recovery!

Low Incision

We carefully design the surgery in a way to result with a scar placed as law as possible on the pubic area, completely hidden by any kind of underwear or swimming suite. 

UV Scarless Umbilicoplasty Technique

A personal modified technique that changes the pattern, camouflages and hides  the scar around the umbilicus making it unnoticeable, also preventing from post-op scar contraction and other unpleasant complications.

Lipoabdominoplasty Technique

Liposuction is combined to patients that need it, in order to reshape also the upper and lateral abdomen. Minimises the need for long scars and improves overall shape.

Interrupted X Sutures Technique

Published in JPRAS as an an innovative technique to tighten the abdominal muscles with multiple benefits.

  • Less post-op pain

  • Less seroma formation

  • Faster Recovery

  • More stable results

Skin Flap 3D Thinning

One of the final steps is to surgicaly sculpt the undersurface of the remaining abdominal skin to make it as thin as possible and also creating natural anatomical lining for a more athletic look.

Progressive Tention Sutures Technique

This advances step on abdominoplasty stabilises the skin over the muscles with multiple benefits.

  • more skin definition

  • faster recovery

  • avoid seroma

  • no need for drains post-op

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