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Stretch It!

Get rid of negative facial expressions and the wrinkles that go with it! Botox relaxes the face and tones positive facial expression, making you look happier, more attractive, less tired and.. wrinkle free! Starting early can also prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. Are you ready to hit "refresh"?


Support Your Skin...

The magic filler that can give you results you always dreamed of. We are highly trained in advanced injection techniques in order to naturally reshape and restore strong characteristics of the face. 
-Cheek Bones, Jaw Contouring, Chin Augmentation, Jawline Definition, Tear-trough Eye Correction, Lip Augmentation, Nose Reshaping, and more...


Give It A Glow!

Nutrients, Vitamins and Hydrating agents delivered directly into the skin. It is a mega-boost of health for your skin cells. Ideal to recondition dry or dull skin or just to preserve health and glow. Advanced therapeutic agents can be delivered to treat more complicated skin conditions.


Revive Your Skin

Regenerate your skin with the power of your own blood! A full face and neck treatment with active parts of your blood, that have the power to stimulate growth and repair of your skin cells! The result is reverse ageing and restore skin health. Improves skin tone, elasticity, hydration and glow with a natural and powerful way.

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Upgrade Your Skin

The new game changers! With one single treatment you can boost your skin to increase glow, improve texture, restore hydration and treat fine wrinkles. Make your skin look younger and healthier at once. Maybe you do not need make-up anymore! The all famous Volite, HydroMax and Profilo treatments. Choose the best for you.


Dissolve It...

Liquid Lipolysis can dissolve local unwanted fat by just a local injection treatment! Ideal for the treatment of the double-chin, to slim down and redefine the chin and neck area. Can also be used for small deposits of abdominal fat or flanks and thighs. Now you have now reason to keep that fat...


Time to Restore

The famous thread lift! Popular for a reason, for the natural and effective results in skin tightening and wrinkle correction. Can be done to lift the brows, around the eyes, for mid-face lift and face skin tightening, perfect against smokers lines around the mouth and also the jawline and the neck. Thread it Back!


Technology and Beauty

An Energy Based Devise to treat Acne Scars, Skin Pores and Wrinkles. Perfect to tighten the jawline and the oval of the face, and neck. A pain free, needling device with the power of intradermal Radiofrequency. Correct and Anti-Aging, all in one powerful high-tech device!